Shade without Shadow

Commercial, 2024
Director of Photography

[ Shade without Shadow: A Lahore Story ]
Client: Hyundai Motor Company
Production: Paulus

 In areas with extremely hot temperatures, drivers have difficulties dealing with the heat inside of their cars. In Pakistan, high fuel costs and laws against tinting car windows make fighting the conditions even harder.To keep the car cool even in the highest temperatures, Hyundai Motor Group developed the Nano Cooling Film. This state-of-the-art material uses nano technology to block external heat energy and emit internal warmth to the outside. Applied to the car’s windows, it can bring the temperature inside the vehicle down by more than 10°C and with it reduce energy consumption. The Nano Cooling Film is transparent thus offering unobstructed vision both day and night.This game-changing nano technology will be applied to Hyundai's new vehicles in the near future to ensure absolute comfort no matter the conditions.

2024, Spring

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