Love Cycle
Short film, 2023

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︎︎︎  AFI Thesis Project, the class of 2023 ︎

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[ Synopsis ]
 Anthony, a fifteen-year-old Chicano Punk Rocker, believes love requires grand gestures and daring feats. He sets out to bike from Venice, California, to Korea Town to profess his love to his long-time friend, Chloe, but the trek quickly becomes more difficult than he planned. After swiping some flowers along the way, Anthony is chased by police. He successfully evades them with the help of a houseless man, but is caught by bullies who rough him up and wreck his bike. Defeated, Anthony stumbles on a taco stand where the owner, Gabriel, gives him some encouragement and a ride. When he arrives at Chloe's, Anthony faces what he has feared most all along - her not feeling the same way. Stripped of the offering of a victorious feat, Anthony discovers that the real test of manhood is not grand gestures and daring feats but sharing his heart.

[ Cast / Staff  ]
Anthoney: Sebastian Betancur
Gabriel : Francisco Ramos
Chloe : Michelle Mao
Marcus :Tunde Abu
Carlos: Ari Lopez

Screenwriter:Ari B. Lopez
Producer : Raven Robinson
Director : Sarah Hanks
Production Designer : Diego Gudiel
Editor : Abraham Chen

Cinematographer : Shi-Hyoung Jeon
Camera Operator : Jasmine Karcey
1st AC : Joewi Verhoeven
2nd AC : Joe Minissale
Additional 1st AC : Tu Do
Gaffer : Audrey Biche
BBE : Patrick Krum
Electric : Kevin Khun
Key-grip : Miko Malkhasyan
BBG : Peter Glaros, Christian Chico
Rigging Grip : Yoontaek Hong
Swing : Vadim Gorbaty
Dolly Grip : Santiago Serrano
Colorgrading : Pat Fitzgerald (LightIron)

2022, Autumn

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