Deep into the Forest
Short film, 2023
[ Stills ]

︎︎︎  AFI Thesis Project, the class of 2023︎

[ Story ]
 A talented young orienteering athlete chooses to walk away from an important national competition after suffering a foot injury, defying the expectations of those around him by prioritizing himself.

[ Staff ]
Producer : Zora Zhang, Rita Xiao
Screenwriter : April Peng
Director : Violet Lu
Production Designer : Xiyu Lin
Editor : Judith Zhu

Cinematographer: Shi-Hyoung Jeon
A Camera Operator: Jasmine Karcey
1st AC: Jerry Turner
2nd AC: Adam Coe
B Camera Operator: Sika Stanton
B 1st AC: Joe Minissale
B 2nd AC: Yoontaek Hong
Camera Utility: Caitlin Kelly
Steadicam Operator: Dae-Hyun Kim
Gaffer: Tianyi Liu, Ming Hu, Santiago Serrano
BBE: Red Jitar, Ben Wang
Key-grip: Sharon Pulwer
BBG: Christian Chico, Timothy Shin
Grips: Tucker Somberg, Kevin Shum, Flor Villa, Sarah Grasse, Tate Hildyard
Dolly Grip: Soren Eggerling, Marco Zhang
Colorist: TBD

2023, Spring

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